Buying Gardening Tools

Buying Gardening Tools

When buying gardening tools make sure to spend the extra money and buy well made preferably forged steel.  A good tool will last you a long time if taken care of.  Most of the box store bought tools are cheap, poorly made, and break, bend or fall apart.  I use quality tools.

One of my favorite places to get small hand tools is at the best garden center in the entire Philadelphia Tri-State region – Terrain at Styers.  They cary well made hand forged tools that are a bit pricey but worth it.  What was the best garden center, Styers, was bought by the owners of Anthropologie who gave it a do-over turning it into a complete magical gardening/home experience.  It is located in Glenn Mills, PA on the corner of Rt 1 and Rt 322.  Go and spend an afternoon there, have lunch in their Garden Cafe, shop in the home store, buy some of their top quality stock of plants, pick up planters, fountains, furniture, everything that you need for the home landscape.  If you haven’t been there yet it is well worth the trip.

The gardening tools that I use most of the time are a stainless steel trowel made by Joseph Bentley, they make great tools, a soil knife, also called a  Japanese Hori Hori Weeder Knife, a three pronged cultivator claw, good leather gloves, and of course good knee pads.  Also, a good idea is to be wearing safety glasses or sunglasses for eye protection.  You never know when one of the branches are going to make a bee line to one of your eyes when you are least expecting it.  The photo shows my current soil knife, a pair of scissors, and hand pruner made by Layet.



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